Teaching Assistant, Brown University:

Mathematical Econometrics, undergraduate. Recipient of Graduate Students Teaching Award 2022/23. 

Selected students' feedback:

"She was fantastic, one of the best TA's I have ever had. She took time to explain concepts to us during her hours, and was very obviously invested in our understanding. She really was incredible and significantly helped me with learning the course content."

"I thought Sara's TA sessions were always informative, useful, and interesting. She clearly knew the material front and back and was very responsive via email if I had questions."

"Sara was extremely helpful and I would not have completed the problem sets or the course if it was not for Sara's help."

Microeconomics, Ph.D. sequence. Recipient of Graduate Students Teaching Award 2019/20 

Selected students' feedback:

"Sara is an amazing TA who went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we understood the material and all of our questions were answered. Sara was integral in helping to explain our very challenging problem sets, which was crucial in understanding the material."

"Everything Sara did was amazing. Honestly, one of the best TAs I've had. Blessed to have had her! Her TA sessions were very, very helpful and the problem set solutions were GREAT!"

Designing Internet Marketplace, undergraduate.