Working papers

Optimal Unemployment Insurance Financing: Theory and Evidence from Two US States 

Job Market Paper. [Draft]

Meet Your Future: Experimental Evidence on the Labor Market Effects of Mentors (with L. Alfonsi and M. Namubiru) 

Accepted based on pre-results review. Journal of Development Economics (2023). Winner: Etta Chiuri Prize 2023. [Draft] [VoxDev Blog Post]


Gender Gaps: Back and Here to Stay? Evidence from Skilled Ugandan Workers during COVID-19 (with L. Alfonsi and M. Namubiru) Review of Economics of the Household (2023). [Journal Webpage] [View Only Open Version] [Final Draft] [IGC Blog Post]

Can Gender Quotas Break the Glass Ceiling? Evidence from Italian Municipal Elections 

European Journal of Political Economy (2022). [Journal Webpage] [Summary Video] [Final Draft] 

Work in progress

The Joint Optimal Design of Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Taxes

Unemployment Insurance Taxes: Experience Rating of Workers?

Bargaining Power and Access to Social Insurance Programs

The Political Economy of Social Insurance Programs: Evidence from Experience Rating in the US

Data projects in progress

US Unemployment Insurance Financing Policies Database

First harmonized dataset including information on the unemployment insurance financing policies in effect in US states throughout recent decades. 

Gender Quotas in Italian Local Governments 

First dataset including information on gender quotas governing national and regional elections in Italy.