Working papers

Optimal Unemployment Insurance Financing: Theory and Evidence from Two US States 

Current draft. New draft in progress.

Meet Your Future: Experimental Evidence on the Labor Market Effects of Mentors

with L. Alfonsi and M. Namubiru. Accepted based on pre-results review, Journal of Development Economics. Winner of the Etta Chiuri Prize 2023. Current draft | VoxDev Blog Post


Gender Gaps: Back and Here to Stay? Evidence from Skilled Ugandan Workers during COVID-19

 with L. Alfonsi and M. Namubiru. Review of Economics of the Household (2023) Journal Webpage | View Only Open Version | Final Draft | IGC Blog Post

Can Gender Quotas Break the Glass Ceiling? Evidence from Italian Municipal Elections

European Journal of Political Economy (2022) Journal Webpage | Summary Video | Final Draft 

Selected work in progress

Gendered Politics and Women's Wellbeing  with V. Atella, G. Conti, G. Facchini and F. Marazzi. Analysis stage.